From articles on seafood in Busan and hutongs in Beijing to Art Deco in London and Berber culture in the Moroccan High Atlas, please find a selection of recent travel pieces by Daniel Allen below.

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NGT Otavalo-1

Ecuador: In Pictures / National Geographic Traveller

From volcanic Andean peaks to Amazonian rainforest, the small South American country of Ecuador punches well above its weight when it comes to arresting attractions. Two hours from capital Quito on the Pan-American Highway, the city of Otavalo is the perfect place to experience northern Ecuador’s indigenous culture and dramatic scenery, and pick up a few handicrafts at the same time.

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CNN Traveller Busan Seafood (South Korea)-1

Catch of the Day / CNN Traveller

Busan is the seafood capital of South Korea. The city’s Jagalchi Market offers a mind-boggling array of fresh aquatic produce, supplied daily from around the Korean coast. While Jagalchi has developed dramatically since post-Korean War days, it is still run by women known as ajimae. Renowned for their resilience, business acumen and somewhat frosty demeanor, these elderly ladies with permed hair and peculiar accents are as legendary in Korea as the market itself.

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Kumano Kodo Blue Wings-1

Holy Trail / Blue Wings

Awarded Unesco World Heritage status in 2004, the Kumano Kodo is a unique network of ancient pilgrimage routes that lies at the heart of Japanese spirituality. Spread over the lower half of the Kii Peninsula, south of Osaka, these trails provide access to the Kumano region, an incredibly picturesque land of river, mountain and forest. Today the numerous shrines, onsen (hot springs), traditional ryokan (guesthouses) and stunning scenery make the Kumano Kodo a hiker’s dream.

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Oryx Bangkok

Hidden Bangkok / Oryx

With its traffic-choked streets and preponderance of massive concrete infrastructure, Bangkok might not seem like the world’s best place to jump on a bike. But, to the pleasant surprise of many visitors, the thoroughfares of Bangkok and its environs aren’t just about deranged drivers and superheated tarmac. From leafy parks and dilapidated temples to jungle trails and sleepy villages, for those prepared to expend a little pedal power this city offers a plethora of sights.

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National Geographic Traveller UK Moroccan Atlas

Walking with Berbers / National Geographic Traveller

An hour’s drive from the city of Marrakech, the spectacular High Atlas mountain range marches its way across central Morocco from the Atlantic to the Algerian border. A journey here is a visit to the heartland of the Berber people, the indigenous inhabitants of North Africa’s Maghreb region. Today a growing number of tourism-based initiatives are raising the standard of living for the High Atlas Berber, protecting the environment and preserving local culture.

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Jetstar Asia Beijing Hutongs-1

Dally in the Alley / Jetstar Asia

At the geographic and symbolic heart of Beijing lie ancient networks of intricate lanes known as hutongs. Oases of calm and culture amidst the city’s skyscrapers and superhighways, these residential retreats offer visitors a fascinating mix of the authentic and avant garde.

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Botswana CAAC

Land of Delta and Desert / CAAC Inflight

Outstandingly dramatic, the country of Botswana encompasses striking salt pans, diamond-rich deserts and fertile flood plains, making this one of southern Africa’s most thrilling safari destinations. Those seeking close up encounters with animals rarely come away disappointed.

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CNN Traveller Lake Baikal

Holy Water / CNN Traveller

Siberia’s sacred sea, Lake Baikal lies in an immense, crescent-shaped gash, almost 700 kilometres long and 70 kilometers wide. The deepest lake on earth, it contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh water, and more than 1000 indigenous animal species. During the winter, the lake’s icy crust becomes so thick that a temporary railroad was once laid over it during the 1904-5 Russo-Japanese War.

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Seoul KLM

Life and Seoul / Holland Herald

Once considered a poor man’s Tokyo, South Korean capital Seoul is now a pulsating destination in its own right. A progressive, 21st century city, ablaze with neon and energized by its 10 million dynamic inhabitants, it still boasts the grace and majesty of dynasties past.

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Etihad Inflight London Art Deco-1

Decadence Rediscovered / Etihad Inflight

Born in Paris during the heady post-war period, the Art Deco movement quickly transformed 1920s London with its luxury and excess, fanciful architecture and avant garde attitudes. Today, an Art Deco renaissance is gold-plating the streets of London with classic style and savoir faire.