From articles on seafood in Busan and hutongs in Beijing to Art Deco in London and Berber culture in the Moroccan High Atlas, please find a selection of recent travel pieces by Daniel Allen below.

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Holy Rail / Post (South China Morning Post)

One of the world’s most thrilling railway journeys is now possible once again, thanks to a four-year, $280 million renovation project in Ecuador. Constructed in the late nineteenth century, many sections of the 450 kilometre (280 mile) line between capital Quito and the coastal city of Guayaquil had previously been closed, following years of neglect and landslides during the 1990s.

With a new service starting in June 2013, the “Tren Crucero” now transports travellers in high style through some of Ecuador’s most awe-inspiring scenery, past volcanic giants such as Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. It also tackles the legendary stretch of track known as the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose), a dramatic series of switch-backs that allow the train to negotiate the steep gradient.

» Travel – Daniel J Allen | Photography.

Blue Wings Beijing Opera-1

Brave New Face / Blue Wings

One of the oldest forms of entertainment in China, Peking Opera is to Beijing what the Bolshoi Ballet is to Moscow. But for all its colour, excitement and cultural value, can this ancient art form survive in today’s fast-paced Chinese society?

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GP Iceland-1

Geographic Wonder / Going Places

The awe-inspiring landscapes of southern and western Iceland pay testament to the power of nature.

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Shanghai 3-1-1

Shanghai Cuisine / Sunday Times

Photography for an article on Shanghai cuisine appearing in the July issue of the Sunday Times Travel magazine.

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Santiago KLM

Santiago’s New Groove / Holland Herald

An elongated ribbon of land stretching more than 4300 kilometres, Chile is packed with stunning landscapes – from the arid Atacama Desert in the north to the pristine glaciers and lakes of Patagonia in the south – and competition for tourist time remains stiff.  Sitting beneath the snow-capped ramparts of the mighty Andean cordillera, Chilean capital Santiago’s burgeoning barrios mean the city now has more than enough colour, charm and avant garde appeal to hold its own when it comes to drawing the crowds.


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Blue Wings Hanoi Cuisine

Go with the Pho / Blue Wings

There’s a saying in Vietnam: if southerly Ho Chi Minh City is the belly of the country, then Hanoi is the head. After sampling its gastronomic delights, which incudes some of the world’s best street food, some might argue that the Vietnamese capital has cornered the market in both politics and cuisine.

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Southern Comfort / Going Places

A fractured land of glacier, lake, forest and windswept tundra, the southern end of Chilean Patagonia really is the end of the world. It is here that you find the Torres del Paine National Park, Latin America’s finest wilderness, dominated by the soaring, jagged peaks of the Cordillera de Paine. For those that appreciate a little luxury mixed in with their adventurous pursuits, a select group of upmarket eco-lodges now bring visitors closer than ever to Torres del Paine’s natural wonders.



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Auditorio Ibirapuera (3)

Shaping Sao Paulo / BBC Travel

The pace of urban change in São Paulo is dizzying. At the start of the last century, the Brazilian city had 239,000 inhabitants – today it has 11.2 million. Serving as a case-study for the contemporary explosive urban growth occurring across the world today, and taking their cue from Brazilian architectural maestros such as Oscar Niemeyer and Lina Bo Bardi, Sao Paulo is now home to a rising number of talented architects whose cutting edge structures and buildings illuminate the built landscape.

» Travel – Daniel J Allen | Photography.

Ecuador KLM

Volcano Velo / Holland Herald

With one of the highest densities of volcanoes in the world, there’s no better place than Ecuador to go downhill biking. With Mount Cotopaxi only an hour’s drive from Quito, and other majestic Andean peaks nearby, the Ecuadorean capital is quickly emerging as a mecca for those seeking high altitude, two-wheeled adventure.

» Travel – Daniel J Allen | Photography.

Sunday Times Travel Masterclass

China Masterclass / Sunday Times

A masterclass feature on China for Sunday Times Travel.