From articles on political risk and cutting edge archaeology to high profile architecture and journalistic freedom in China, please find a selection of recent words only pieces by Daniel Allen below.

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Mi and iPhone’s Shadow / In The Black

Last year Xiaomi sold more than 60 million handsets, generating US$12 billion in revenue and more than tripling its sales from 2013 in the process. These figures were the latest milestone in the astonishing rise of a company that many Chinese are now championing as the “Apple of China”. While the sales figures of Apple and Xiaomi in China may currently be neck and neck, however, their ways of doing business could hardly be more different.

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Esquire China-Iran-1

China’s Warships Come To Town / Esquire

While China has long trailed in America’s wake when it comes to policing the Persian Gulf, a recent Sino-Iranian naval exercise may indicate a sea change.

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Zoning In / In The Black

Today increasing global trade, the development of infrastructure and advancing technology are driving free trade zone (FTZ) development like never before. With more than 3500 now dotted across the world in various guises, these enclaves of preferential commercial treatment are currently responsible for approximately 68 million jobs and the generation of $500 billion in annual trade.

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ITB China Banks

Long March for China’s Banks / In The Black

Chinese economic development is a tale of superlatives. According to current trends the world’s second largest economy and largest trading nation will soon become the world’s largest outward investor. With a huge number of Chinese businesses already heeding their government’s call to “go out” and penetrate international markets, the country’s banking sector is now playing catch-up.   

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ITB Dalian / In The Black

For years Dalian was a virtual unknown to the majority of Western business professionals, even those based in Asia. Strategically located at the tip of northeast China’s Liaodong Peninsula, this bustling seaport of six million inhabitants was renowned more for its pleasant climate than its dynamic commercial environment. Now, however, the city’s booming IT industry is targeting Silicon Valley-style growth.

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Made in South-east Asia / In The Black

Today Asia’s manufacturing landscape is changing dramatically. As regional superpower China moves up the value chain, the increasingly integrated region of South-East Asia is poised to rival its northern neighbour as the world’s factory of choice. Production networks that once focused on cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou could, over the next decade, encompass locations as diverse as Mandalay, Jakarta and Phnom Penh.

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China Africa Feb 2014-1

Dancing with the Dragon / In The Black

The nature of the investment may be changing, but today China’s economic ties with Africa are stronger and more pervasive than ever. Many African countries must now contend with the huge challenges of poverty and burgeoning population pressure. If, as Nigerian banker Lamido Sanusi recently commented, “the romance can be replaced by hard-nosed economic thinking”, then China is neither a threat, nor a saviour, but an opportunity that the African continent cannot afford to miss.

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In The Black Political Risk

Danger Money / In The Black

When disenchanted young Arabs took to the streets of north African cities in early 2011, the shock waves were profound and far-reaching. While champions of democracy welcomed the rash of regime-toppling protests, for many multinationals the fallout was a disastrous and sobering lesson in risk mitigation. With political risk diversifying, today’s globally active businesses must take acount of their international exposure.


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Esquire Middle East Washington Lobbying

Did Someone Just Say Moderate? / Esquire

Over the past 25 years, US efforts to deliver Middle East peace have been hugely influenced by the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). With the rise of rival lobbying faction J Street – the self-proclaimed “political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement” – is AIPAC’s legendary stranglehold over US foreign policy on the wane?

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In The Black Japan Economy

Japan: The Road to Recovery / In The Black

In March 2011 the world’s third largest economy was dealt a devastating blow by a major earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. Coupled with a shift of manufacturing overseas to cut costs and reduce damage caused by a strong yen, this plunged Japan’s trade account into the red for the first time since 1980. In the face of a shifting energy dynamic and greying society, can Japan now turn around its economic malaise?