Bison Rewilding, Romania

Today the process of urbanization is affecting countries across the globe; by 2020 4 out of 5 Europeans will live in urban areas. Huge areas of European land are being abandoned, as villages lie empty and traditional cultural values disappear. According to a recent study by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, another 12 to 18 million hectares will be deserted over the next few years.

Rewilding initiatives aim to take advantage of this abandoned space, encouraging wildlife, wilderness and natural processes to take over, and allowing new ways for local communities to earn a fair living from the wild. In May 2014, Europe’s largest wild land mammal – the European bison – was reintroduced to the Tarcu Mountains in Romania, with the aim of developing a completely wild herd of 500 animals by 2025. Europe’s largest ever bison reintroduction and transportation project, the initiative is being spearheaded by Rewilding Europe, an organization working to rewild one million hectares of European land by 2020.

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